You can’t buy a stick in a toy store.

‘You can’t buy a stick at a toy store’
It was a gun, a walking stick, a bow that shot many different shaped arrows and those over time got straighter and developed small flights. Then it became a light-sabre. It was always a stick to start with, but soon became anything you wanted it to be. A magic stick. A stick that gave you freedom to wander the universe and beyond. It gave you the authority to roam, to live another life, create another persona giving greater self confidence with a wand in hand.
It expanded your creativity in language, fluent in 6 different galactic tongues, confident in musketeer French, Apache, a touch of German statements and a good healthy working knowledge of Second World War English.
Problem solving was easier with a stick to point, wave and when drawing diagrams had the ability to to enable others to see them in 3D.
The forked stick was not only a medieval catapult but sub machine-pistol too, versatility was it’s middle name!
Divining for water in deserts and wastelands of the regions of a geographic selection from the imagination of a fluid mind.
The size of your stick was really important; using sorting and selection criteria; to the type of day you were going to have. Small twigs could give birth to a fire. It excited the individual or group you were with, at first, then as the larger sticks were gathered and added, inhaling the calming smoke gave rise to reflections of stick games from past expeditions.
So a simple stick was far from simple. It could be a stick, if that’s what you saw…….. But look again with your ‘outdoor eyes’ it will be what you want it to be within your imagination.20140707-141223-51143642.jpg

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