Well Being Stones

As part of a continuing Welsh Arts Council Creative Schools Project a year 3 group are improving an area within the centre of the buildings. This is a central section which can be accessed by many of the classrooms and the family room. It has many secluded sections and seating areas to be used for thinking and thought collection.

In this area large beach stones are used to decorate post bases. As part of an activity on looking at ourselves and things that make us calm and smile each person with a partner picked a stone – blindfolded.

By using a blindfold each person could choose a stone by smell, weight, texture and what it said to them when they touched it. All stones were very similar but each one picked was special to them.

Once picked they had to explain the reason why they choose that particular stone to their partner. Once all the stones were collected they were studied individually and then left over break time to dry. Once returning each stone was reunited with its person. It was decorated by painting a picture or word associated with their thoughts earlier on what made them happy and smile. Once all the stones were finished with their thoughts and pictures in paint had dried they were placed out in the courtyard area as a symbol of their happiness area. The words are visible to others to help inspire them towards their own thoughts of tranquility. Some are hidden beneath the gravel to be personal to themselves. All are placed on the ground to connect with Mother Earth so she may spread their word to others and hold it for them. This concept was discussed as an earlier activity in the Tipi relating around First Nation spiritual beliefs.

The project continues with the addition of a Totem Pole and Small Tipi for story telling and chill out area. A great legacy for the rest of the school of a creative approach to wellbeing and working on increasing individual confidence in many areas of some disengaged boys in the class.

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